NEW Baitcaster Rod & Reel Combo 1.7m rod Bait Caster great for kayak fishing red - Bait Cast Combo

NEW Baitcaster Rod & Reel Combo 1.7m rod Bait Caster great for kayak fishing red

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The Rod


The baitcaster rod offers anglers a high degree of casting accuracy, essential when working lures in and around snag infested areas. Unfortunately many first time users become frustrated by continual over-runs, and if not properly instructed in the finer points, give up and return to the relative safety of the threadline. Understanding the various set-up controls is the key to success. I suggest if you haven’t used a baitcaster reel before jump on to Youtube and view tips on how to use a baitcaster reel. Once you get the hang of it you won’t look back 1 X 1.7 meter Baitcaster Rod (red) Rod is 2 piece fibreglass





The Reel 


Sleek low profile design with Plastic Frame and Side Covers that offers impressive durability and decreases the overall weight. The LMA200R is suitable for both Fresh and Saltwater situations.

Two-toned CNC Machined Aluminum Spool that offers maximum strength with less weight.

An ultra-smooth Guide Bar System gives the line a smooth and even lay.

The ceramic insert line guide means no line damage on any line type, braid, monofilament, or fluorocarbon.


The aluminum lightweight and strong extended Ergonomic Handle gives increased cranking power.

Oversized flat-sided EVA foam grips deliver a soft and comfortable nonslip grip, even when wet.

The powerful Star Drag System provides smooth consistent pressure.

 Max drag: 10lbs/4.5kg


The LMA200R features a reliable Magnetic Braking System with a convenient external adjustable multi-level cast control, allowing for smooth and accurate casts without having to remove the side cover.


The magnetic brake system can quickly and easily be adjusted to match any wind conditions, ensuring every cast is smooth and accurate, maximizing your time on the water.


Light weight and low profile design that fits comfortably in your hand, reduces fatigue allowing you to fish all day long.



Combined with the strong yet Light Plastic Body and Side Plates, CNC Machined Aluminum Spool,

Powerful Drag, Convenient yet Reliable Dual Brake System, and it's sleek stylish design, the LMA200R

gives you the Look, Design, Strength, and Reliability that you would expect from a high price

quality  reel at a fraction of the cost.