KNOT TYER  Knot tier Fly Fishing Tool Tie Fast  knots
KNOT TYER  Knot tier Fly Fishing Tool Tie Fast  knots

KNOT TYER Knot tier Fly Fishing Tool Tie Fast knots

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The Knot Tier is praised by fishing experts for it’s simplicity and for the strength of it’s knots. It can be used to tie a number of different varieties of the “nail” knot. Unlike other knots that have only one turn holding their ends, the “nail” knot cannot become untied because the tag end of the line is secured by all turns of the knot.

The NAIL KNOT is the most affective way to tie any size monofilament to your line. It is a smooth and secure knot that easily passes in and out of the rod guides. With this knot, the harder you pull the better it "GRIPS" and holds.

Place tool in palm of either hand and grasp tightly with fingers. Place thumb on THUMB PAD. The TIP should be in perfect focus.
Place leader between GUIDE through CHANNEL and TIPS/SLOT so that line extends approximately 6 inches beyond TIP. Use thumb to secure line over PAD.
Pull short line downward into SLOT and wrap a tight coil of 4-5 turns. Wrap back around Tyer TIPS towards thumb using forefinger to hold turns in place.
From the thumb side, thread short line back into CHANNEL under all turns and out through slotted TIPS
Insert fly line under wraps and give "tag end" a light jerk. This causes knot to slide off Tyer onto fly line. Inspect and adjust wraps before securing knot completely. Trim off excess.
Instructions not included .
There are many You Tube videos available to assist.