SwellPro Splash Drone Fisherman Plus 4k Cam PL3 Bait Release
Swell Pro Fishing Drone
Swell Pro Fishing Drone

SwellPro Splash Drone Fisherman Plus With PL3

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Genuine Splash Drone 3 PlusPL3 CAM With Bait Release

Base Model with PL3 Payload Release with camera ( for recording)
Great for dropping baits and spotting schools of fish
Authorised seller


Quick Overview

Enhancing and extending the features of the previous SplashDrone 3 ,the latest SplashDrone 3+ is the most reliable and versatile waterproof drone yet .

Coupled with several different payloads such as Cameras and Payload Release Mechanisms .SplashDrone 3+ can be adapted for a wide variety of uses .It is an all purpose,all weather,waterproof flying platform.


Image is for display purpose shows GC camera not included.

Genuine Splash Drone 3 Plus
Authorized Reseller


1 x Splash Drone 3+ main body 1 x FPV Remote Controller 1 x set of 1242 propellers ( Two pair ) 1 x Balance Charger 1 x 5200 mAh LiHV Drone battery 1 x Radio battery 1 x set of Landing Gear 1 x Aircraft User Manual1 x Carry case 1 x PL3

PL3 CamNew Genuine SwellPro Splash Drone 3 Plus 4k Cam PL3 Bait Release Fishing Record
Suggested spare parts to purchase separately