New Mullet Transam Lures Soft Plastics 15mm Vibe Fishing Lure  Barra Jew Quality - Soft Plastic Vibes

New Mullet Transam Lures Soft Plastics 115mm Vibe Fishing Lure Barra Jew Quality

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Our soft vibe lures, hybrid lure technology that combines metal with rubber for that extra performance lures.

The Vibe Series features a tight fish attracting vibrating action, weighted for excellent casting and controlled descent, oversize 3D eyes for maximum reaction, natural finishes in a wide range of colours, soft texture that mimics the feel of a live baitfish, add your own scent or very own Fish Attractant Sticks.
The Soft body gives the fish the perception of a real bait so the fish hold on, plus the body enhances the tight vibrating action for a more natural presentation, finished off by super sharp Mustad micro sharp hooks.
The subtle action of the Vibrax can sometimes be the difference between a good day and a frustrating day on the water, they have accounted for many species including bream, bass, flathead, school jew, trout and more.