Chasing Gladius MINI S Underwater Drone
Chasing Gladius MINI S Underwater Drone
Chasing Gladius MINI S Underwater Drone
Chasing Gladius MINI S Underwater Drone
Chasing Gladius MINI S Underwater Drone
Chasing Gladius MINI S Underwater Drone

Chasing Gladius MINI S Underwater Drone

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Content creators, travel photographers, marine professionals, and anyone who is fascinated by the world beneath the waves will find the GLADIUS MINI S Underwater Drone rewarding and easy to use. Featuring a 4K UHD / 12MP camera with electronic image stabilization, the MINI S captures video and photos. It then transmits them to a topside controller to allow sharing for live viewing from up to three devices at once. You can also store them or share them on social media. Upgrades from the earlier GLADIUS MINI model include a tether that connects directly to the controller (no more dropped Wi-Fi), a more powerful battery that doubles runtime to four hours, anti-stuck motor technology that helps prevent the drone from getting bogged down in the sand, a 64GB SD card, and image stabilization for the 1/2.3" CMOS sensor, f/1.8 camera. If you want to customize the drone with your own action cam, an optional mount is available, as is the CHASING Grabber Arm, which lets you retrieve objects or samples from underwater. As its name suggests, the MINI S is more compact than earlier models, measuring a backpack-friendly 39 x 22 x 14 cm and weighing just 2 kg

Key Features of the Gladius Mini S Underwater Drone with a 4K UHD Camera 200m Package

  • Depth Rating: 100 m
  • 4K UHD/12MP EIS f/1.8 Camera
  • Electronic Image Stabilization
  • Tether Connects to Remote Control
  • 4 Hours Runtime
  • Anti-Stuck Motor
  • Top Speed 4 Knots
  • 2 Dimmable 1200-Lumen LEDs
  • Share Video to 3 Devices
  • Removable SD Card


  • Explore underwater environments and marine life as far as 328' below the surface
  • Inspect undersides of boats, aquaculture facilities, or infrastructures such as dams and supports
  • Grab underwater footage for content creation

Video and Photo

  • Records 4K UHD video
  • Captures 12MP still photos
  • Electronic image stabilization
  • Slow-motion and time-lapse capability
  • Quick-editing features
  • 1/2.3" CMOS sensor, f/1.8 lens, 152° angle of view
  • Two 1200-lumen LED lights
  • Real-time depth and water temperature info


  • Top speed of 4 knots (2 meters/second)
  • Anti-stuck motor technology helps prevent getting bogged down in the sand
  • Powered by two 4800mAh batteries for a 4-hour runtime

Remote Control

  • Tether measures 200 m and connects drone to control unit, eliminates wireless connection of earlier models
  • Supports Wi-Fi and data transfer cable connections to mobile phone/tablet devices
  • Real-time sharing on up to three devices at once
  • Records to included 64GB memory card

  • MPN - CTMINIS200
  • GTIN - 843722100852



GLADIUS MINI S underwater drone supports the mounting of a grabber claw, sports cameras, and more. (Sold Seperately) More ways to play, more fun.


The patented anti-stuck motor technology greatly reduces the probability of the motor getting stuck in the sand, and it works safely and reliably in all kinds of complicated underwater environments.

Direct-Connect Remote Controller, No Disconnections

The remote controller supports Wi-Fi and data transfer cable connections to mobile phone/tablet devices, and wired transmission is more stable, which completely solves the problem of Wi-Fi disconnection during use.

High Capacity Battery, Runtime up to 4 Hours

Equipped with two 4800 mAh batteries. The battery life of GLADIUS MINI S is up to 4 hours.

100m x 200m Shooting Range, 4 Knots Maximum Speed

With a maximum speed of 4 knots (2 m/s), a maximum dive depth of up to 100 meters, and a maximum horizontal shooting radius of up to 200 meters, GLADIUS MINI S underwater drone fully meets your underwater shooting needs.

4K+EIS Image Stabilization Camera

Equipped with a 1/2.3 SONY CMOS, EIS anti video-shake feature, F1.8 lens, and 2400 lumen LED lights, GLADIUS MINI S underwater drone can clearly capture underwater details even in low light.